McKenzie River Oregon Engagement portraits

McKenzie River Oregon Engagement portraits Karen and Jose are getting married in Southern California.  Their wedding near San Diego will be taken by another photographer and I wish it could have worked out because 1. I LOVE weddings and 2.They are such a fun loving couple with a great passion for adventure, I know their wedding ceremony will be a blast.   (BTW, the maple leaf is HUGE!)baraazaOn their wedding date, I will be speaking at a large convention at Photo Pro Expo near Cincinnati Ohio (in Kentucky) that is attended by thousands of professional photographers.  There are some pretty awesome speakers and photographers that I admire from all around the country.  I look forward to learning a lot myself-as it's important to be cutting edge and on top of your game, despite your age or experience.  We can always get better.

I know that most people are afraid of public speaking-especially to hundreds of people at a time,  but to me I guess it's like photographing a wedding.  Once you have 30-40 under your belt, the nervousness goes away and the adventure begins. I've had groups as small as 12 and as a large as over 1,000.  Plus, it's always fun helping other photographers become better at their craft and I enjoy giving practical tips on improving oneself.

The top image below was at Professional Photographers of Michigan in Lansing, the bottom one I think was in Phoenix Arizona.  _MG_5828ppsv The portrait below is taken on Goodpasture Island Bridge a quintessential old covered bridge over the McKenzie River outside of Springfield.  We had to get out of the way a few times for the one way traffic.  I used one of my powerful lights to pop the dark interior of the bridge and give a nice back light to Karen and Jose.  Otherwise it would've been a black hole.

It was fun creating these McKenzie River Oregon Engagement portraits.


Jose knew of this special location that he wanted their photo shoot and fall leaves was the perfect time.  We went first to Hendricks Wayside, outside of Eugene Oregon and then continued up to the bridge, then on to the "secret location" on the McKenzie River. I love this winding road look that he found.Pretty engagement portraits

Even though it rained some, Karen & Jose never complained and were willing to be a bit crazy with me to get some stunning engagement photos.   Good thing I had an extra umbrella!  It was a lot of fun creating these McKenzie River Oregon Engagement couple in the rain in OregonLane County offers so much diversity of geographic looks from the coast to the snow to fields to rivers sometimes it can be hard to pick the location, but for me, these all worked very well together.  (Speaking of snow---plans are to be at Willamette Pass in late February for some fun snow portraits-call me if you are interested.  It will be great for High School seniors, children, families or couples.)Willamette Pass Ski area photos of snowboarders

The image below is color infra red. It creates a nice romantic fantasy look that is very dreamy and other worldly that I like.  I enjoy seeing the connection between Jose and Karen.  They are a great fit for one another.

Army soldier and his bride in Eugene Oregon photographers joy.

Here is a short video trailer that I put together...hope you enjoy it!  And I hope when you want to capture memories to keep forever, you'll keep me in mind.  :-)

McKenzie River Oregon Engagement portraits