Miss December from Thurston High School in Springfield Oregon: Angelique Hoffman

Thurston High School in Springfield Oregon Angelique Hoffman is Miss December.

Our Children's Miracle Network Calendar model for the month of December is Angelique Hoffman.angeliquehoffmanc

She was chosen because of her love of fashion and was paid $50 for her fun photo shoot which included an entire make over.  I wanted to carry the "Frozen" theme into the calendar this year and what better month than December?  Anqelique is a Disney fan, so that helped her application as well.angeliquehoffman

We ARE looking for the Class of 2017 right now for both our B SEEN models and calendar models.  calendarback15-16If you know someone who is a Junior, have them apply ASAP!

Angelique is also a December birthday girl and her future aspirations is to be mom and a nurse or therapist.  She likes watching the Voice on TV and listening to Miranda Lambert.

Favorite Color:  Blue  (hey that works with what we did!)

What word describes them best?  Outgoing

Favorite Food/Drink:  Smoothies

Favorite Place to go?  The Beach

What super power she’d like:  Invisibility.

Little Known Fact?  She likes to go Hunting.   (Probably just not dressed like Ella...)

 CALENDAR FUN FACTS:  vanessaoldalecover

Full Moon is on Christmas Day ( The Cold Moon):

Funniest holiday? Barnie & Barbie Backlash Day (Dec 16th)

Memorable holiday?  Well, duh, Christmas, but My daughter's birthday on the 17th...but other than that, how about International Day of the Ninja on December 5th.

Birthstone?  Blue Topaz (another reason to blue tone Miss December).

Flower?  Holly.  (Little known fact?  I grew up on a 4 acre Holly Farm in Pleasant Hill and we shipped Holly worldwide.)

Children Miracle Network winner at Thurston HS in 2015? Jake Humphires and Abby Hyland0011

Great way to use the August 15-July 16 calendar this month? 

Bowl 2 games, get one free at Strike City Lanes off of Highway 99 in Eugene.strikecity

How about eating at Ye Olde Pancake House on West 11th?  Great food and prices.   2421 w. 11th.ye olde pancake house

Or if dinner is your thing, go to Beppe & Gianni's near campus on 1646 e. 19th.  Great place to take someone special!beppe&giannis

The calendars have over $350 in coupons.  Creswell  varsity soccer netted $1750 for their team by selling them and $500 for CMN.  If you know of a group needing to make money, this is a golden opportunity.  They sell very easily and you keep $7 of the $10 retail price.  Just email me: Bruce@BruceBerg.com for info.


Thurston High School in Springfield Oregon