Christmas can offer breadth.....

Christmas can offer breadth: The detail of a snow flake from God, the designer. Just incredible.winer While it will be my saddest Christmas ever, nevertheless, God has been very gracious and kind.

Since I was but a baby, two to three times a year, the Berg family would travel to Baker City (population 10,000-off the Oregon trail and near the Idaho border) to visit my great Aunt's and stay in their house built in 1878 by their father.  We'd always go in the summer and sometimes during spring break or Christmas-


This continued until 1977, when my last great Aunt went into a nursing home.  When she died in 1979, my mom sold the family home and distributed all the gorgeous antiques among us.  I hadn't been back since until 2004 when we took my mom's ashes over there to put in the the family plot. We visited the old gorgeous three story homestead but no one was there and was in a state of horrible disrepair.  It was quite sad really.

This past July, just a month after Sherri (my wife) passed away, a woman contacted one of my older brothers and asked if we were related to John Wisdom (my great grandfather-a former pharmacist, state senator and businessman).

Veronica was thrilled when she found out we were direct descendants and offered us 1/2 the rate of her fixed up vacation rental.  Which was-you guessed it-is the old family homestead.

Knowing I couldn't emotionally have Christmas here this year and finding house sitters as Ricci can't come ;-( we jumped at this opportunity. It truly was another situation where Jesus is watching over my heart.IMG_2259 So for 5 nights, my kids and I, my 3 brothers, sister-in-law, niece and nephew will all be together to establish new memories in an old familiar place. (And go skiing at one of my favorite ski resorts-Anthony Lakes.)winter (2)

So for you, I hope you take some time to reflect on what happened that night when God became save us and bring truly Good News to you and the entire world that this life is not all that there is and we have Hope for the future.

Wishing you and yours a Blessed 2016~christmassign