Children's Miracle Network's High School Senior Calendar: Miss October is from Creswell High School

Children's Miracle Network's High School Senior Calendar: Taylor Whittenborn 

Miss October 2015 is Taylor Whittenborn from Creswell High School.   We thought doing a sports collage was pretty cool and something we do for many of our sports-oriented senior portrait clients. taylorwhiitenborncHer choice of color is blue, she enjoys listening the Band Perry and shopping at American Eagle. She likes Mexican food with water as her preferred drink.

Her favorite fictional character is Wonder Woman and if she had a super power it would be to fly so she could go anywhere in the world. calendarback15-16The chore she hates doing?  Putting away clothes (sounds like my 18 year old daughter). The food she would never try?  Anything that is still moving before you eat it because that's gross.

Passionate and inspirational, and a talented soccer player, she also plays softball and hopes to go to college to be an ultrasound tech and possibly play soccer as well.taylorwhittenborn


October is Photographer Appreciation Month (which means its a great time for senior pictures, family portraits and our annual Pet Contest too! )

With the pretty fall leaves and cooler temperatures, its one of my favorite months. vanessaoldalecover FUN FACTS ABOUT OCTOBER:

Full Moon is on the 27th ( Called "The Hunter" Moon):

Funniest holiday?  Wear something gaudy day (October 17th)

Memorable holiday? My birthday (Oct. 18th)...OK, just kidding.  Its got to be Haunted Refrigerator Night (October 30th)

Birthstone? Opal

Flower? Snap Dragon

Children Miracle Network winner at HS in 2015?  From Creswell High School, Mr. Bulldog was Sean Kounovsky.0007 Great way to use the August 15-July 16 calendar this month?

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There are over $400 in coupons in the calendar-plus, they have great info.  If you are looking for a great fundraiser for your school activity-these sell for just $10 and your group keeps $7 and $3 goes to Children’s Miracle Network-and NO money is due upfront, so its a no-risk situation.

Creswell High School has raised over $700 and counting so far!  Just call my office 541-726-6119 to order yours or talk about how we can help your club/team.

Oh, did I mention, we are looking for Class of 2017 Seniors to apply to be either/or/and Models for next years calendar/be a part of our B SEEN team?  Click to apply. 

Children's Miracle Network's High School Senior Calendar