Junction City Oregon High School senior photos: Katrina

Junction City Oregon High School senior photos

Katrina Rogers is one of my Class of 2016 Senior Models.  katrina rogersAttending Junction City, we did a photo shoot here at the studio and out in Pleasant Hill (my old stomping grounds) where her horses are boarded.katrinarogers6

Her favorite color is purple so I thought this background was a nice touch.katrinarodgersShe spends most of her time riding horses, and is on the equestrian team at Junction City High. She placed third in state in the Oregon High School Equestrian team.

She is featured on our Anti-texting while driving movable billboards (on LTD buses) Untitled-2and is on our banner now on display at Valley River Center (near the escalator). Models2016

Katrina describes herself (accurately I think) as easy going, quiet, observant, and enthusiastic. katrinarogers1

The chore she hates doing the most?  Sweeping.  (Hmmm, just curious, how does that work for stall cleaning?)kartrinarogers8

Her favorite fictional character is Cinderella if she had a super power she would fly so she could go anywhere fast without paying airfare. That would be a smart way to travel.

Here are more of her portraits:katrinarogers9katrinarogers2 katrinarogers5 kartinarogers3

This is a short trailer video, hope you enjoy!

Junction City Oregon High School senior photos