High School Calendar Model: Mr. August, Wyatt Newell

High School Calendar Model:  Mr. August 2015 is Wyatt Newell of Springfield High School.  Wyatt is an easy going, fun-loving and outgoing guy who likes singing (he is in two choirs at SHS).


About Wyatt?

Favorite Color: Cyan

What word describes them best? Inquisitive (or sleepy, take your pick)

What chore he hates most: None....(really???)

Favorite Food/Drink: Honey BBQ boneless wings

Favorite Fictional Character:  Batman

What super power he'd like: To freeze time

If he was invisible what would he do?  Go to Fort Knox (Probably not just to visit....)

Who he admires: His parents-because they had to raise Him.  :-)

Little Known Fact?  He plays guitar and football, swims on the swim team and does track.

For the calendar, we found out he made this cool metal shield himself.  Going for that movie poster feel:wyattnewellcAugust is beach month and I have 2 beach trips: One on August 19th and one of August 30th.  Super cool way to have awesome senior portraits!beachtripbeach trip

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Shanah Forgy & McKenzie Stephens: Thurston

Ryan Enos, RyLee Gorham & Kobe Mitchell: Sheldon

Emily Barber & Alessandra Ziolkowski: Pleasant Hill

Holly Cummins and Ryan Pollard: Springfield

Melissa Baker & Alyssa Files: Willamette

Chelsea Hurley: North Eugene

Molly Gillespie: Wellsprings

Katrina Rogers: Junction City

Bridgette McAllister: Marist


Full Moon is on the 29th (Sturgeon Moon):

Funniest holiday?  Sneak some zucchini on your neighbors porch (August 8th)

Memorial holiday? National Relaxation Day (Sunday August 16th).

Birthstone? Peridot.

CMN winners at Springfield HS in 2015? Levi Shaw and Angelica Johnson won Mr. and Miss Springfield.

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High School Calendar Model