Mr. July, 2015: Jason Hinton, Springfield High School Baseball Player

Springfield High School Baseball Player Jason Hinton is Mr. July in the 2014-15 Children's Miracle Network Calendar/coupon book. Since my daughter was also from Springfield, it was only fair to pick another person from SHS.

I had photographed Jason's sister, Alisen 4 years ago (She was Miss January and on the Springfield High School state championship team), so it was fitting that he got picked to also be on the calendar.10Januarya

Jason, my son and daughter and I went to the old EWEB power plant (closed to the public), as I knew the facilities manager at Eugene Water and Electric Board and always thought this old building was funky, kinda spooky and an awesome location for a photo shoot.  It was awesome.jasonhintonLater, we used fire on the baseball bat and fire on steel wool (it can be very dangerous, its NOT something one just does for the heck of it....), so the location had to have concrete.  I didn't think starting a fire would be a good idea, :-).  0024Jason played on the Springfield HS baseball team, is involved with Class Council and the National Honor Society.  His favorite color is blue (Go Millers!), TV show is Psych, Food is Teriyaki Beef, and likes to listen to Eminem and shop at the Nike store.

Little known fact?  He's an honest person (I think we would know that Jason!).

4 weeks ago, Jason was not only class Valedictorian, he was the last speaker at my daughters graduation before they handed out diploma's.  He led his talk with this: "I'd like to have a moment of silence.  One of our classmates, Sophia Berg, suddenly lost her mother earlier this morning and I'd like us to honor her with a moment of silence."  Sherri BergIt was very moving for me and my daughter.  Sherri was a gem.  She was kind, insightful, artistic, funny, beautiful, intelligent, full of integrity and my wife for over 35 years.   She is sorely missed.  We've had a lot of great support from our church, neighbors and friends. Its sucks for us, but it was good for Sherri because she had been in a lot of pain the past few years.

I really avoid talking "religion", and will continue to do so, as I wish to respect the views of ALL of my clients.  However, Sherri and I have both been born-again Christians since we were in our twenties and KNOW that Jesus has a place for those who choose to follow Him in His kingdom.  That gives me, my son and daughter great comfort-because it's not some sort of made up "pie in the sky"-but real truth that we wholeheartedly believe in.   Since then, I continue to grieve, try to move forward, not have self-pity, and be present for my kids and for my clients. God IS good and He KNOWS what He is doing and in that I can rest.

Thank you for your understanding and your prayers. <3 .