May High School Senior Calendar Models: Sophia & Zack

High School Senior Calendar Models:  May Memorial Day (May 25th) and Mother's Day (May 10th) is of course the major holidays for May.  Birthstone is the Emerald, Flower: Lily of the Valley and May is National Teen Self-Esteem Month.  highschool calendar eugene oregon photographerThe name of the full moon (May 4th) was the Flower Moon.  Twilight Zone day is my favorite holiday (May 11th) and coming up?  National Hamburger Day (May 28th) and the Prefontaine Classic (29-30th).

Of course if you had the calendar you would not only know this, but would be using some of the great coupons (over $200 value):  Including 2 for 1 Dutch Bros.Dutch Bros Coffee oregonOther Great coupons? Go bowling at Strike City (bowl 2, get 1 game free) or golf or Laser Trek, buy 1, get 1 free.  From now until July, we are selling the calendars at 1/2 price-just $5 and all proceeds goes to Children's Miracle Network!

Miss May is from Springfield High School (Oregon) and is my daughter, Sophia.  (If she DIDN'T get picked, I would have heard about it all year long, thus we have 2 Springfield HS students in the Children's Miracle Network HS 2014-15 calendar.)0020

Sophia enjoys singing (obviously) and is in both the SHS Concert Chorale and the smaller vocal jazz group, Kaleidoscope.  She was on the Springfield High swim team for 4 years, soccer team for 3 and track for the last two.  In fact, she just competed in track district as I write this.  sophiatrackapril13 (22)She is also a lifeguard at Splash (and hated me for taking this...)teen girl in field with mik

She has done many photoshoots with me and we have one more planned. sophiabergm sophiabergj sophiabergfall sophaibergback

Unfortunately, Sophia had her car totalled this month (not exactly a ringing endorsement of being a calendar model huh?), but fortunately she is ok.IMG_2187Sophia has plans to work at Young Life camp in Central Oregon this summer.  She enjoys Dutch Bros., Nordstroms and Forever 21, listing to Taylor Swift, reading the Bible, and watching The Lion King.  Oh, and going to Hawaii.sophiabergha

I've taken her to both Maui and Oahu when I was hired to photograph weddings there.  SOOOO much fun.  We even swam with the sea turtles. turtleThe Sunset in Napili Beach in Maui only got better.Sunset, Napili Bay, Kaanapali Maui (7bb

The Moon and rare Silversword plants at Haleakala National Park in Maui....then the gorgeous sunrise.   For the picture below, I used a flash light to paint the silversword plant and a 30 second exposure.silver sword plant haleakala maui hawaii photo Haleakapla Sunrise, Maui  (33)If Socializing was a class, she would be an A+ student.   She hopes to become either a Sports Trainer or sports psychologist.

In our Sheldon Calendar, is Zack Parrott who is Mr. May.Sheldon HS calendar 2015-15 (9)  He was also one of our senior models and did photo shoots both at a junkyard zackparrot2 zachparrott9and then later in a park.zachparrotyb zachparrott7 zachparrott5

Zack likes Steak, shopping at Cabela's, going fishing,  the color blue and reading the Great Gatsby.  His favorite TV show is ESPN.  Little known fact? He likes to work.

Wishing you a great May ...don't forget to do this holiday:  Buy a Musical Instrument Day (May 22nd).  :-)


High School Senior Calendar Models