Lane County Photographers Blog Children's Contest

Lane County Photographers Blog Children's Contest While the judging for the Annual Children's Contest is over (and THOSE many winners will be shown at the mall starting April 23rd-they will be the ones with stickers on them), there are still two active contests.  This one and the People's Choice award (held at Valley River from April 23-May 4th for all the Children contest entries).  The later has 2 winners, each getting a ribbon and a $50 gift certificate from Elephants' Trunk.

I like to have fun and have my own blog contest for just my clients.  Here is how it works:  Each comment (limit 1 per person), equals a vote. Just comment with the child's number.  The numbers with the most comments wins.  This blog voting ends April 28th.  (I have to approve all comments, otherwise spammers get in here, so please give me 48 hours to approve the comments :-) ) I will post the 3 winners April 30th

First Place gets a $50 Bruce Berg gift card for a future session, a $25 gift certificate from Little Red Farm in Springfield  (a wonderful family owned nursery on 42nd and Jasper Road-a great place for hanging baskets and plants), a $10 gift card to Off the Waffle (mmm!) and two free passes to the Science Factory in Eugene, near Autzen Stadium.

2nd place gets a $50 Bruce Berg gift card for a future session,  a $10 gift certificate from Cafe Soriah in Eugene.  (A place this photographer really likes!) and $10 gift card from Off the Waffle.

3rd place gets 2 guest passes as the Science Factory which has highly educational and interactive displays and a $10 Vanilla Jills' gift card-a wonderful yogurt shop off Coburg Road in Eugene.

I took the liberty of cropping some images vs. what you may see at the mall.  Posted chronologically and watermarks are there for copyright purposes, please do not remove.  Thanks and have fun voting!!!

1. Madison pretty girl in my studio

2. Ellajaymeewarner

3. Maci & Kaydenashleybeankaydenmaci

4. EvanMcAlexander0012d

5. Lilliantammynezol eugene

6. Nora & Sadie theresagauth

7. Gemmalaurenashleytree

8. Abigail, Makayla & Parkerjeniferchristiansenkids

9. Abbynicoleakins

10. Evelynbrendaroyce

11. Reecetamicalkin

12. Brodystacygilliliam

13. Sybillabetmottnerr

14. Isiahgennacollins15. Matthewjanmichaels

16. JayaCowger0001

17. Lochlanarbestti

18. Evashellycoleman

19. Evekristenthorpe

20. Eloise, Bas & Pennyricccihuling

21. Paisleyandreabryant

22. Isabellelindafuentes

23. Savannah & Kelseyamberpruittsava

24. Rubyjoannebarnes

25. Selahaleshiapasi

26. Emmakelseyrhule

27. Silasamandazach

28. Taylor & Brysonmichellejohnson

29. Kalishawnaroberts

Lane County Photographers Blog Children's Contest