New Orleans Louisiana Wedding Photographs: Shalaya & Kyle

New Orleans Louisiana Wedding Photographs It was a delightful surprise when Shalaya emailed me wanting to know if I'd be willing to photograph her wedding in the Big Easy.  No surprise that I relished the opportunity to photograph in the one the most unique cities in the United States with such a wonderful couple, right?

While shopping in the French Quarter, I saw a t-shirt that said:  "There are only 3 real cities in America.  New York, San Francisco and New Orleans.  All the rest are Cleveland."  After thinking about it (and I DO love quirky Portland Oregon), when it comes to architecture and the buildings that can define a place, I think that quote is somewhat true.French Quarter, New Orleans Louisiana picture

My son was brought in as a lighting assistant and second shooter during the wedding.  Lighting is so key to getting great images, because without, I don’t get effects like this:New Orleans Louisiana

The day before the wedding we went to Oak Alley Plantation, about a 90 minute drive out of New Orleans for their stunning engagement photographs (which will be shown in my next blog post in a week).

As a wedding photographer, I have seen my share of different wedding dresses from off white, pink and one that had red lining, so for the venue of New Orleans, it fit that Shalaya picked something different that went with the ambiance and style of her unique wedding dress new orleans photos

We started the shoot at the beautiful Cornstalk Fence Hotel, circa 1816, located at 915 Royal, a block from Bourbon street, in the middle of the French Quarter (FYI: even the architecture is of Spanish origin-who predated the French).  Gorgeous armoire in the brides room.Bride in her red dress

Marble steps in the front of the Cornstalk. collettis (28)

Cornstalk Fence.  avante guard wedding pictureswedding party in the French Quarter

Shalaya's family:colletticass

Walking five blocks, we spent time photographing in Jackson Square (Named for Andrew Jackson, our 7th President who helped defeat the British in the Battle of New Orleans and the guy on the $20 dollar bill.)Jackson Square New Orleans and St. Louis Cathedral St. Louis Cathedral couple pictureskyle groomred wedding in NOLAromance in Jackson Square New OrleansGroom photoswedding couple

Incredible wedding bouquet!Wow cool wedding bouquet

Inside St. Louis Cathedral (the gorgeous church in Jackson Square).St Louis Cathedral New Orleans photos

Spinnin'.Fun in Jackson Square NOLAI brought along my color Infra-red camera because it creates some surreal effects and I always like doing something different as a wedding photographer.  Traditionally we use the portraits as Black and White, but I thought this was awesomely cool (can I say that?)  What are your thoughts about this?  Would you stick to straight B/W? Infra Red portrait in French Quarter New OrleansJackson Square, New Orleans with St. Louis Cathedral photo

Kyle's family:French Quarter LA family portraits

Later, walking back thru the French Quarter:French Quarter Wedding photos. Back at the Cornstalk Fence Hotel for some images before the wedding ceremony.  Image below is taken from the hotel grounds looking across the street.spanish architecture in America

Below is the view of the hotel.  The brides room is on the upper left. Cornstalk Fence Hotel in New Orleans pictures

Inside the Cornstalk.  Gotta love 1816 hotels, right?Corn Stalk Hotel New Orleans reservations and photos.

Ready to begin!Cornstalk hotel inside photos

Nice idea having a circle surround the Kyle and Shalaya.weddings in the french quarter

From Above, taken by my ceremonies in the french quarter rulescornstalk hotel

Leaving the hotel, we were held up by a parade, then joined in the Mardi Gras, French Quarter tradition of masks. french quarter party pics

We finished the night several blocks away with a gorgeous meal at the Glavez restaurant, featuring continental Spanish, French, and Creole cuisine.  The wedding reception venue in New Orleans was right on the Mississippi River, affording us great views of the City...Mississippi River Weddings in Louisiianaand the French Quarter.

French Quarter at Night near Bourbon Street, New Orleans.

It was so much fun photographing Shalaya and Kyle and being with their family and friends.

To see more images, check out their trailer video!

It was so fantastic to go to New Orleans with Shalaya and Kyle.  f you were to have a destination wedding, where would YOU go???

New Orleans Louisiana Wedding Photographs