Start now to keep those memories fresh for years to come! (Lane County Oregon Photographer)

Lane County Oregon Photographer Bruce Berg: For over 20 years, I have photographed Rod and Bethany of Eugene Oregon and their wonderful family.  And every year they have included these photographs into an album that is now a family heirloom really.

What makes them unique is that once they had children, Bethany wanted the tradition of having a professional photographer take them annually to capture their kids as they grow up.

[We have a family plan that enables a yearly session (or multiple sessions in one year and then skip a year, etc.), so this worked great for them.]

This is what Bethany says:

“If you visit our home, you won’t see any wedding pictures on display. You see, in keeping with our wedding budget, we selected a budget photographer. We got what we paid for: pictures that didn't capture us or our special day. Realizing our mistake, a couple years into our marriage, we hired Bruce Berg to capture our young selves.

"Once our children came along, we started albums with pictures taken by Bruce at three months old,six months, and one year old, then every single summer until they would head off to college.

"I’ll admit that some years I've thought, 'Can’t we skip it? The kids haven’t changed that much'. But they have. Their albums show the progression from year to year. 

"Now that our oldest is in college, we are so, so glad we spent the time and money to create these family treasures. Bruce has captured their personalities and their interests: Logan in his Cub Scout uniform or Meredith lacing up ice skates.

"I know you may be thinking, 'But we get school pictures every year'. Trust me, they are not the same! At our house, the school pictures are in the attic somewhere. It’s the pictures Bruce Berg has taken that are prominently displayed on the walls and the entryway table."

Now that Bethany and Rod's oldest child, Meredith, is off to college out of state, the memories become even more important to hold onto.  (Here is one of her high school senior portraits:)

Most parents don't think about this idea's too late. Ever year Rod and Bethany would add prints to their leather album as the years progressed. What a legacy and heirloom to have for all time.

I feel very honored to have been a part of creating moments in time that this family can enjoy for many more years to come.

Thank you Bethany and Rod for letting me a part of your lives and experience the beauty of childhood and all its changes.  :-)

If you or someone you know may be interested in our family plans, they start at $499 and include 4 sessions over 4 years, a 5x7 finished portrait from each session and a leather album.

Just call us 541-726-6119 for more info!

Lane County Oregon Photographer Bruce Berg