Veterans Day, November 11th...Photographic Memories

Veterans Day is Tuesday, November 11th and its a good time to reflect and thank those who are serving and have served in our Armed Forces.  american flag2013In the Sheldon High School Senior calendar that I produce, Alec Apparcel was chosen as Mr. November because he was part of the Young Marines and I thought, as a Vietnam-era Veteran myself, to feature him in this way. Sheldon HS calendar 2015-15 (4)

I have photographed many Veterans and Active Vets...for portraits

Bryan Vitas USAF

For a Japanese magazine showing wounded Veteransvarious-books-and-magazines-im-published-in-3

For Military Weddings.....

BRUCEBERG1stxianchurchbynum (37)military wedding photo in oregon schwartz And wives of Vets, who give their husband something to remember while stationed overseas protecting our freedoms.

military wife glamour

If you know of any active military member or family who is wanting some professional images, have them email me.  For November, I'm offering a Military Special. 

Personal Photographic Memories

My Dad was a really good amateur photographer.  I don't know exactly when that influence was felt by me, but at age 8 I was taking a lot of Black and White photos with my Kodak Instamatic.

He was strong, athletic (3 year varsity Letterman at the University of Oregon in basketball), an avid hunter and fisher, and active in the community as a businessman, Oregon Club President, on the school board and Rotarian (District Governor in 1978).

He was also a World War II Veteran.

When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor my dad co-owned a feed supply store across from 5th street market (old Belly restaurant building) and he immediately joined up.  As a college grad and marksman, he was commissioned and sent to Michigan to train soldiers how to shoot for the US Army.  In 1943 as a Captain, he was in Georgia helping plan logistics for the D-Day invasion (June 6th, 1944).  Like most WWII vets, he didn't talk much about the war except to say "Bruce, you have no idea how much stuff we moved over there."

After D-Day, he was sent to Italy (photo below) as a Major and was in command of two POW camps.  He didn't like German officers (Nazis).  So much so that when he got them he told me he sent them further south in Italy so he wouldn't have to deal with them.

billberg wwII veteran in europe

Maybe it was because of his patriotism that 3 of his 4 sons joined.  My oldest brother was in the Air Force Academy and during Vietnam was a Navigator on a Kc-135 or refueling tankers, stationed out of Taiwan.refueling tankers  My other older brother was in the Coast Guard, stationed in Oregon and Washington on unique rescue boats that can flip over and right itself like a kayak.

Coast Guard Boat in Morro Bay, CA 04 Dec 2007When I graduated from High School, I almost joined the Navy, but when my oldest brother asked me how I'd like to be on a boat for 6 months, I switched to the Air Force.  During Vietnam I was stationed in Taiwan and after it ended, was sent to southern Italy.  I did communications spying and was offered a job with NSA after my 4 year commitment ended.  Needless to say, I passed.  Glad I served.  Glad I got out to do what I love.

wedding kiss oregonBest Wishes to all Veterans out there.


Photographic Memories