Outdoor Venue: Country Wedding in Monroe Oregon Rabecca & Tanner

Outdoor Venue: Country Wedding in Monroe OregonOutdoor Oregon country wedding venue The country is in my blood, having grown up on a 70 acre farm in Oregon complete with a barn, horses, dogs, and hard work.   The farm was primarily run by my mom, who as a young woman broke horses for a living in Baker City. Although my dad was a suit and tie businessman in Eugene , he spent the better part of his free time (when we weren't camping, skiing or hunting) working the farm and having their 4 sons join them.

Having grown up that way, I knew how hard it was and after I left, opted for an urban life instead.

So I confess...sure, I love upscale weddings with all their finery, but because I was raised on a ranch, I also LOVE country weddings.  There is something about down to earth good people like Tanner and Rabecca and their families that makes for a great wedding. benetreau (2)_1Some unique items? Camo vest and a camo garter and an actual six pence from England.  Fortunately, due to the heat, the guys didn't have to wear jackets. (Me neither :-) )

country bride oregonDid I mention fun and crazy?

In the over 800 weddings from Utah to LA to Oahu to Vegas that I've photographed, its hard to find something new.

They had it.

Elvis Presley singerElvis, the officiant.  Complete with many hilarious innuendos too.  (There were many more that can be heard on the entire video....sorry I had to cut it way down...)

Like these:

The food was great, the people wonderful, and the music hoping. Rabecca hired Angela Brown, a hair stylist from V Studio-and she did a awesome job.

Plus we had great weather and Rabecca's parents had a stellar piece of land that was superb for both  the wedding and reception.

benetreau (8)_1

Here are some of my favorite wedding portraits:

recessional photo wedding party fun benetreau (7)_1 love with the hands

After the sun went down, I used my new Canon 5d Mark iii to get his image-showing the blue sky (it looked black to the naked eye), and popped my 2 pro flashes to create this tender image of Rabecca dancing with her dad as the last vestige of a cloud is hit by the waning sunlight. benetreau (13)_1

We were able to capture this sunset image with the small pond and water feature in the foreground. benetreau (11)_1

It was a blast for me and my two assistants.

If you want to see more, here is a link to a short trailer video.  Enjoy! Outdoor Venue: Country Wedding in Monroe Oregon