Oregon October Photography Scenes

I've always loved October. Not just because its my birthday month mind you (18th) or two of my three brothers birthdays (9th and 26th), but because it is usually gorgeous thru my birthday and wild, windy and weird that last 1/3.  So with that said, I thought I would show you some October images I've created in the past five years. Portraits, Scenics and Halloween ish.  fall colors

I always liked little details of leaves and moss and mushrooms.

leafbarkmushroomslogIn early October, there are still flowers and it hardly looks like fall.

matthompson phoenix

This was taken when I spoke to the professional photographers of Manitoba in Winnipeg Canada.  The colors of the trees are just coming on behind the gorgeous Red River, where trappers frequented with Indians (Native Canadians?) in the 1700's.

red river winnipeg canada

The Sky can be awesome in October-the light starts to shift here in Oregon, making dusk a melancholy time for me.

I have many fond memories growing up in Pleasant Hill (Oregon) on a farm and walking to nearby friends' homes near Halloween where we would talk about what we were doing for that holiday.   The red-orange hue of the sky with the after burning smell of someone's brush fire lingering through the evening takes me back there even today, decades later. home at dusk

Even a van's glass can look cool with the right light.


October is the beginning of delicious apples.

appleorchard apples

It's also a great place for a family portrait.

best famiies oregon (25)

I LOVE taking High School seniors' pictures in October...especially with leaves that have fallen.  Here are some of my favorites:

lene stephanief savannahhitch skye sarahfirthi driarockleaves

One of my distractions is football.  I try to be "present", but as my wife will tell you, when it comes to University of Oregon football-forget it.  It IS my kryptonite. After my dad's season tickets lapsed (from 1948-1992), I took over the Berg U/O dedication and have had season tickets since 1993. My dad was not only the Oregon Club President the year I was born, but was a 3 year letterman in Basketball, including team captain.  One of his good friends (and fraternity brother) was Bill Bowerman (founder of Nike).  You could say I was born green and yellow.

Here I am with my teenage daughter at a game on the 4th row behind the Duck bench--captured on ESPN.  Yep, that is me with my green wig on. I just won fan of the game. Quack Quack.


Recently, I was blessed with photographing Steve Greatwood's wedding in his backyard in Eugene.  He is the Offensive Line Coach for the Ducks.  Who happened by?  Marcus Mariota with his girlfriend.  They were out playing golf at Oakway after the Wyoming game and stopped to wish congrats.  Steve's Niece was pleased to be able to get this photo of hopefully the next Heisman Trophy winner.


The image below is an engagement photo shoot that I did last year in Cottage Grove.


Here are some family photographs during this gorgeous month. cynthiamorriskids derstine melanievodvarka ryliecamryngorham

One of the special events I hold every October is PETOBER.  Its a fundraiser for Greenhill Humane Society and a time where I encourage dog and cat owners to come to me for professional pet portraits. I love animals (I grew up with two dogs and many cats and we have a little 16 pound 1/2 Papillon -Chihuahua mix., Ricci-not pictured)

kristenwelch pets maya_susankeough lexi dog portrait oregon 11 bearMaddie_juliewalker

I also produce a local High School senior calendar as a fundraiser for local high schools in the Eugene and Springfield area.  I pay the High School Juniors $50 if they are chosen and every year try to come up with unique and fun ideas for the calendar.  Here is the most recent going all the way back to 2008. (Note the Halloween theme or sports that are active during that month):

These were both taken at Lone Pine Farms and their Haunted Corn Maze.


Kelsea is a senior at Sheldon High School in Eugene. Doesn't look good for her here....

Sheldon HS calendar 2015-15 (3)

This is Grace from Willamette and Rachel from Sheldon (the stadium was photo shopped in)

Harrisongraceoct rachelgilesOCT

In 2012, we only did one calendar:  Keeping that soccer theme-Kristin is playing herself at the Elmira HS field.


In 2011, Brittany was a stellar water polo player from South Eugene:


In 2010, I featured a cheerleader from Thurston, Lene.  I had her jump off a ladder, then removed it in photo shop.   Tricky I know....but hey-look at the air she got!


In 2009, I went to a graveyard in Eugene (Masonic Temple) for this spooky shot.  The "ghost" was Reasha's foster sister. Both girls were from Cottage Grove High School.IMG_5265

2008 was my first calendar.  What says Halloween?  Costumes.  So I thought a Phantom of the Opera scene at Willamette High School fit the bill. Sierah as my Wolverine model. IMG_5263

What else says October?  Pumpkins of course!  (on our porch with all the other decor)


Her HS senior photo shoot. victoriahendrumhalloween

Here is my now 21 year old son doing the traditional carving thing when he was younger.  Where DO those years go?  

Looks like he really enjoys having his picture taken.  :-)


Weddings are great to have during October-be it at the coast (Pacific City Oregon, on the beach)


or with a full moon (near Gearhart Oregon)


or with fall leaves (Corvallis Oregon, near the Willamette River)


This was taken by Creswell, I loved the Spanish moss and the fall leaves working in tandem.


My Daughter last October.  She is now a senior in high school.


Finally, October means dressing up.  Be it a pet ......


or two legged creatures.  My kids 7 years ago.


My son two years ago....Groucho Marx meets ?IMG_0032

Kris, my office manager would always show up with some killer costume. (Sadly she retired last month after 17 years...see a past blog post about her).


Yes, I am a clown.  In this case, a sad one with 3 of my employees (Kris took the photo):  Jessica, Kelsey and Lindsay.

IMG_0920 copy

Hope you enjoyed the breadth that October can bring to our lives.  What are some of your favorite Halloween costumes or fall memories?


Oregon Photography Scenes