Maui, Hawaii a destination that wedding photographers love.

Maui, Hawaii a destination that wedding photographers love. Let's face it.  Photographers who travel are lucky.  Usually.

Sometimes, things get damaged or lost.  It can cost more than you think. It can be awful weather. But the payoff of experiencing a different wedding venue like this one:

Kapalua Bay, north Maui a

This along with the scenery, culture, and unique people to meet is worth the hassles of traveling.

Prior to being a professional photographer, I was stationed in the U.S. Air Force in "security" (electronic spying).  I was stationed first in Taiwan, then later in Italy and I actually "transferred" out of my job for four months to work at a ski resort in Bavaria that was run by the Army.  Rough duty to never wear a uniform and ski every day, let me tell you.  ;-)

In my off time during those years, I traveled with my buddies.  Shopping in Hong Kong, having a beer at the Octoberfest in Munich, skiing at St. Moritz, biking around the Greek isle of Corfu, laying on the beach in the French Rivera. I even opted to be discharged in Italy and spent 4 months backpacking all over Europe from Tunisia to Finland and visiting new friends I had met along the way.  Then I picked my MGB-GT that I had shipped from Italy and spent two months driving all over the northern U.S.  I was spoiled.

Later, while going to the University of Oregon, I  worked for United Airlines.  My wife and I went to both the Bahamas and Switzerland for our honeymoon.  We have been to Bora Bora, New Zealand, Israel, Maderia, Egypt, Portugal,  Austria, Scotland, Hawaii, New England, and of course, Italy.

Today, I/m blessed to not only travel all over the world to speak to various professional photography groups, but to be commissioned to do destination weddings as well.  From Salt Lake to L.A., from D.C. to Oahu (still waiting on that wedding out of the country, lol!).  hawaiiA few months ago, I was hired by the wonderful James family to go to Maui for 4 days.  My 17 year old high school senior daughter bought her own ticket to come with me-since she loved going to Oahu for another wedding a few years prior.

You can see some of the wedding images in a previous post, but here are some of the scenic images I created to go along with the wedding photographs on the beaches of Hawaii. These were taken at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel:Kaanapali Beach Club Hotel  Maui abstract


Kaanapali Beach Club Hotel  Maui (10)

Flora in Kaanapali Maui (8)b

Flora in Kaanapali Maui (5)d

The James family were so kind as to treat us to the Old Lahaina Luau.  Here are some images from that evening:

old lahaina Luau Maui (1)

Native crafts wood Hawaii Lahaina Maui (2)

Tattoos were everywhere on the men as part of their culture.  And the dancing, food, drinks and atmosphere was incredible. Native Hawaiian people,  Lahaina Maui (2)

This is the view from the Luau at sunset.  Hard to beat!old lahaina Luau Maui (33)This was my 7th trip to the Islands and I've always enjoyed the foliage.  The image below was taken with an infra red camera, which turns the sky black and trees and grass white.  (It reads heat.) DSCN4064a Flora in Kaanapali Maui (5)a Flora in Kaanapali Maui (26)a Plumeria Lahaina Maui Ginger flora, Lahina Maui (4)a

This was the third time that I was up way before dawn to spend the two hours getting up the Haleakala to see the sunrise.  10,000 feet above sea level gives you an incredible view of the stars (better than the Cascades, the Oregon coast or even Eastern Oregon).  Haleakapla Sunrise, Maui

The Silversword plant is only grown here on Maui and is an endangered species.

I took this by using a tripod, long exposure and using a little pen flashlight to fill in the details of the plants.Haleakapla Sunrise, Maui Silversword Plant

When the sun starts coming though the clouds it feels like you are watching God creating the world....Pretty awesome.Haleakapla Sunrise, Maui  (41)b

This is the Silver Sword plant blossoming---after this it dies.  Note the lava. Silversword plant, Haleakala Maui (8) This photograph was taken in the town of Lahaina (Maui) which originally was the Capitol of Hawaii before it was moved to Honolulu.Lahaina Maui  (6)a The other wonderful thing that I got to do beside the wedding, Luau and Haleaka and beach going), was going snorkeling with Matt and Larissa's fathers.  My daughter joined us in this little secluded place.

North Maui  (8)aBesides dozens of colorful fish, color and even a sea snake, we swam with 5 different huge sea turtles.  They are so graceful in the water. North Maui Honu Sea Turtle (5) North Maui Honu Sea Turtle (7)a

This is a time exposure of Kapalua Beach, north of Kaanapali in Maui. Kapalua Bay, north Maui (4)aWhen the wedding started it was raining.  Man was I bummed.  Then it started breaking up and in time, we were able to witness one of the most stunning sunsets I've witnessed. Sunset, Napili Bay, Kaanapali Maui (2) Sunset, Napili Bay, Kaanapali Maui thin line

If you are interested, these images are available for sale.  Just call us 541-726-6119 for more info.

Maui, Hawaii a destination that wedding photographers love.