Family portraits of the Murry family Eugene Oregon

Family portraits of the Murry family Eugene Oregon The Murry family portrait Eugene Oregon

One of my most prized possessions is a wall portrait of my extended family.  Unfortunately, before my youngest, niece and nephew were born, my dad had passed away, so I don't have anything with our complete family, but I'm glad we were able to create an image of my parents with their 4 kids and spouses when we did.  (I had set up the camera on a tripod and had my assistant click the shutter-over and over).

Usually when things get old, they tend to have less value, be it a car, clothes, furniture.  But Art-APPRECIATES IN VALUE. albertdurer And what IS a really good family portrait (verses a snapshot)?  If done well, I believe it is personal art.

If you think about it, what is the value of your memory? What is the worth of your heritage, of having everyone you are closely related to-be together in a portrait?

Years ago a family commissioned me to create a variety of images of their extended family at the request of the son-in-law.  They ordered several large wall portraits and albums when, just a week later, that son-in-law died in a tragic car accident.  What was the value of those portraits to them then?  Priceless.

That is just one reason why having a family portrait is so important.IMG_4085

I just read about the sad life of our most wonderful and beloved comedian, Robin Williams.He was born into privilege, but raised by a nanny and was a loner.  "As a child, I have very few pictures of myself as a kid. I have a picture of me sitting on the couch next to my mother holding a toy machine gun, ... I asked 'Mom, do you have any other photos?' 'Not really'". That lack of connection I believed haunted Robin his entire life.

I hear the excuses of "we are too busy" and "I want to lose x number of pounds first".  My family could have used those excuses too-but I wisely pleaded and forced the issue and am so glad I did looking back.

Last year I was to photograph a family when all their kids were coming back into town, but something came up and they had to postpone the session.  In the interim, one of their children passed away.  We never know when it will be too late to get that all important family portrait.

Fortunately, there are many of you who KNOW the value of a beautiful family portrait and make it happen.

One is the Murry family which four generations strong. Because they are all such kind and wonderful people, the whole session was a lot of fun.

I had photographed Tracy,  Shelley, Bryan and Kevin's high school senior pictures and two of their weddings, but their parents, Mike and Becky had me come to their home in southwest Eugene to capture not only many combinations of their children and grandchildren, but a sense of place as well. I photographed a variety of groups from individual family photographs and singular portraits to the entire 23 person group.  And even something a little crazy. Fun kids pictures in Oregon

Because everyone lives not only in Oregon, but in Eugene, they get together regularly.  They are blessed and a blessing as well.  They now have a visual reminder of their importance of one to another....forever. four generations of a family photo in Eugene Oregon Here are some more of their (and my favorites):

Grandparents photos in Eugene Oregon Murry (49)_1Murry (28) Murry (11) Murry (43) Murry (19)

Here are some images of immediate families in black and white:

Murry (25)Black and White family pictures in OregonMurry (62) Murry (21)

BlackJack?  21 Murry family members at the top of their hill.

Outdoor family pictures in Eugene Oregon by professional photographers

Here is a fun little trailer video showing some a wide variety of images.  As a Christian...I found the song very apropos, as family can be God's gift to us.

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Family portraits of the Murry family Eugene Oregon