Tall Ships: Historical Vessels of the Past, Lady Washington

Tall Ships: Historical Vessels of the Past, Lady Washington & Hawaiian Chieftain. My son has had a long fascination with sailing. Not long ago he discovered the Grays Harbor Historical Society and two ships that they operate, The Lady Washington, a 1789 replica and the Hawaiian Chieftain, an 1850's style gaff-rigged ketch tall ship. They sail from San Diego up to the San Juan Islands during spring and summer, stopping at various ports along the way for tours:

Here is the Hawaiian Chieftain (HC) in Coos Bay, Oregon

Hawaiian Chieftan Coos Bay

Its free to board the deck of both ships to see unique aspects of an old fashioned sailing vessel.

old ship pulley and rope

Figure heads are important to a ship---sort of their soul. Here is the Hawaiian Chieftain's figurehead.

Hawaiian Chieftain Tall Ship Washington figurehead front of the bow pirate ship

He decided that he'd love to volunteer to be on the crew. The first time "Green Hands" (rookies), have to pay to sail. After two weeks, if they pass muster, they can volunteer in the future, and work for room and board.

This is the back of the Hawaiian Chieftain, where the galley is located (sorry, the captain's quarters is NOT here.) Taken at port in Coos Bay, Oregon:

Hawaiian Chieftain galley and stern.

Sails of the H.C.:

Hawaiian Chieftain Tall Ship mast and sails Washington (57)

So, I dropped him off in Coos Bay, where he boarded and after some brief training, put on his "funnies" (period costume) and greeted the tourists along with the seven paid crew and three other volunteers and one other Green Hand.

old sailing ship in Oregon

After the weekend tours was over, the Lady Washington sailed to Newport and Harrison's ship-the Hawaiian Chieftain, sailed to Garibaldi. Both gave tours in their prospective harbors.

Hawaiian Chieftan Tall Ship Washington (31)

Later, the HC sailed back down to Newport and joined the Lady Washington (LW) in Newport, Oregon.

The LW was in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, as The Interceptor. It's the ship that Captain Jack Sparrow and William Turner steal from the British. Later, they battle Captain Barbossa captaining The Black Pearl. The Interceptor was sunk in battle.

Lady Washington is a Tall sailing Ship Washington (62)

While we were out there, a coast guard helicopter passed us by a few times. Even military personal can be tourists!

Lady Washington and a U.S. Coast Guard rescue helicopter  Tall Ship Newport Oregon coast.

As visitors, we can elect to pay to go on a sunset cruise for two hours, or for the "Battle Cruise" for 3 hours. I chose the later to not only photograph my son, but to experience a taste of what he got to do for 3 weeks (except for swabbing the deck, cleaning dishes and other mundane tasks).

This was his Captain:

Hawaiian Chieftain sailing captain Tall Ship Washington (27)

This is the 1st mate (who happens to have double duty as the gunner - in charge of the cannons):

Hawaiian Chieftan Tall Ship Washington sailing

Here he is climbing the rigging and untying the sails.

Hawaiian Chieftain Tall Ship Washington (20)

Here is an image from the stern looking up (above) and from the bow looking up (below):

These are called Tall Ships: Historical Vessels of the Past, Lady Washington

Hawaiian Chieftain Tall Ship Washington (16)

Hawaiian Chieftian Tall Ship Washington firing cannons

These images show the Gunner firing on the Lady Washington (blanks of course).

Hawaiian Chieftan Tall Ship Washington firing cannons

This picture is the Lady Washington firing on us.

Hawaiian Chieftain Tall Ship Washington (44)

The Lady Washington had a private party on it of thespians dressed like wenches and pirates (and tag along Oregon photographers as well) for that paparazzi effect.

Lady Washington, aka The Interceptor and blood thirsty pirates on board the pirate ship from pirates of the Caribbean.

Here is a Pirate like image from Newport Oregon-notice the cannons on the back of the Lady Washington.

Lady Washington from Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl and Interceptor a  Tall Ship Washington

It was a great trip and I encourage you to find a time to visit them next time you can get to the West Coast.

Hawaiian Chieftain crew member Tall Ship Washington (10)

If you'd like to see more, check out my short Trailer video:

Tall Ships: Historical Vessels of the Past, Lady Washington