Dorris Ranch: Wedding Photographer Fashion Shoot Springfield Oregon.

Dorris Ranch: Wedding Photographer Fashion Shoot Springfield Oregon.

Jana from Dorris Ranch approached me at the local Eugene (Oregon) Bridal showcase to see if I'd be willing to do a wedding fashion shoot at their wedding venue.

I thought it would be a fun way to create something unique, so I agreed.

fashion bride eugene oregon photographersHere is one of the images in the field near the country wedding venue barn: I thought going at sunset would be optimal to catch the golden light that we photographers always talk about.

classic fashion mardi gras bridal portrait oregonPrior to that time, though, I photographed in the Filbert (Hazelnut) Orchard at Dorris Ranch.

Oregonians like to call the Hazelnuts Filberts for .....hmm, I don't know the exact reason, but western Oregon produces over 90% of America's hazelnuts and the "Patriarch" orchard, where all those trees in Oregon originally came from?  Dorris Ranch in Springfield.

The ranch has a cool barn that is used for wedding receptions.

wedding couple kissing by country barn in OregonThis is showing the inside of the barn:

romantic kiss on the dance floor of a wedding couple in OregonThe filbert orchard is a great place for wedding and portrait photographers to take captivating and romantic pictures because of the repeating lines of the trees and long aisle----

kissing bridal couple Dorris Ranch Springfield Oregon photosI want to personally thank Krysta Albert who provided the cool chandelier (above) and the neat couch below.  As a wedding coordinator in the Eugene-Springfield area, she comes up with some great designs, decorations and props. She is also trying to fill in the gap for the Eugene Celebration by hosting/planning another event since the Celebration was canceled for 2014.

The image below is of model Kelsey Mulkey, who had purchased her dress at Blush Bridal Boutique in Eugene. They have a lot of great wedding dresses in their store-located in Eugene off Delta.

I thought reading a Martha Stewart wedding magazine (with John Legend on the cover) was apropos.

wedding bride in an orchardHere is something a bit more unusual of Kelsey.  As a seasoned wedding photographer, I like trying new things to not only push myself as an artist, but to give the couple something fresh and different than the same ole'.  Sun flare is tricky, but if done right, can add visual interest.

sun flare of a bride in a field or orchard picturesghost like wedding images oregonI also like the romantic timeless portrait above.  Lighting is so crucial-and its an area where many wedding photographers fall apart in executing well.

Below was an experiment.  For the final look, we would replace the fixed image with one where she is not moving and is in focus more. I wanted something ethereal and showing the rushing about  of a wedding in a dreamy way.

dream like ethereal wedding pictures images and photosOK-two choice here:  Which wedding image do you like better:  The Vintage one (first) or the standard one (below it)???

vintage picture in a tree orchard in oregon

bride reading a Martha Stewart wedding magazine on a couch outside OregonLast one of Kelsey in the Orchard is her lying on the couch....This is also one of my favorites-love the cowboy boots.  It says "Fashion" and "Country" at the same time to me.

bridal magazine outside readerMy next model was Amanda Williams, who also had purchased her dress at Blush Bridal.

Gotta love running barefoot!

running bride picturesShe never did get professional wedding photographs, so she was glad she was able to do this shoot with her husband, Matt.

I had grabbed the days' paper from the Register-Guard.   The sports section for him and the food section for her, but hey, it could have gone either way.  (Guys do like food and Girls do like sports.)

newspaper hiding bridal couple Eugene oregonThe image above was taken just after the hidden behind the papers-to show off the bouquet.  Songs from the Garden created wonderful floral arrangements for us.

silhouette of a chandelier and couple kissing

reading a newspaper on a couchAmanda also had this great tattoo I wanted to bring in as an element. Cameron Straub was the artist.

bride and her large tattoo oregonWe had a GREAT Florist-Songs from the Garden, who are ironically enough, located just 3 blocks from my photography studio in the Washburne District in Springfield.  They do incredible work and ship their bouquets and designs all over the world.

bridal bouquet

IMG_8269 groom boutonniere wedding photographs The gorgeous dress from Blush Bridal screamed for a photograph showing the detail in the back.

fashion silhouette of a bride in Eugene OregonMake up and hair was done by the The Mothership Salon, also a neighbor...located about 5 blocks from my studio on Main Street in Springfield.  Great place to go for hair styling.

make up and hair stylists in springfield eugene oregonWhile they were altering hair and make up for the wedding pictures, I did some nice traditional images of Matt and Amanda-because along with fashion looks, great candids, close up details, romantic images and wedding scenics, its important to have all of these for your wedding album.

They got married a few years ago in Portland and have regretted never having professional wedding photographs taken by a wedding photographer.

It IS a once-in-a-lifetime event and because of that, deserve images that have romance and impact.

blushbridal1 IMG_8165 IMG_8178


The image just above, I focused on the rail.  It became a leading line moving our eye to the couple and their dream like love. Art is always subjective, and some may not like that I didn't focus on them, but that is why I took another picture (below) showing them IN focus.  I like to cover my bases. :-)

timeless cpountry wedding venues in OregonHere is showing some of the handiwork of The Mothership Salon (including the feather in the hair). Kelsey is the model:

The stanchions were from Songs from the Garden and the Mardi Gras masks are from Heather-who was very helpful as well.

Mardi Gras bride outside

IMG_8268 IMG_8256 IMG_8255 IMG_8259 hair stylists using feathers in oregon wedding design

Here is Amanda and Matt with their Mardi-Gras masks and looks, with the country barn at Dorris Ranch in the background. I love this bouquet, also done by Songs from the Garden.

mardi gras fashion wedding masks

IMG_8325 IMG_8321 IMG_8301 Dorris Ranch outdoor wedding venue near Eugene Oregon I wanted to finish this wedding blog with something....artsy.  It was a lot of fun to collaborate with

Mardi Gras Party BrideDorris Ranch: Wedding Photographer Fashion Shoot Springfield Oregon.