Speaking at Professional Photographers of Colorado

Speaking at Professional Photographers of Colorado One of things that I enjoy is travel.

Prior to becoming a professional photographer, I worked for United Airlines in Eugene Oregon for six years as a customer service agent (Loading bags, parking planes, cleaning planes (yuck), air freight, ticketing, boarding, load planning (so the plane doesn't crash) and lost and found, etc.

I worked with great people, but I didn't particularly like my job or the hours (working on Christmas is not fun). But I LOVED the travel.

For our honeymoon, my wife and I traveled to the Bahamas and then on to the Swiss Alps. Other travel ventures took us to New Zealand, Israel, Hawaii, Scotland, Italy, Greece, Bora Bora, Australia, Egypt, and more. At that time I was selling photographs to calendars, books and magazines as a scenic photographer. Only after I quit the airlines did I go into photography full time, moving from Eugene to Springfield.

Anyway, now, besides destination weddings out of state like L.A., Utah and Maui, I also get to travel to speak to Professional Photography groups. This year I was in Phoenix, Arizona, Brunswick Maine and Colorado Springs, Colorado and later I'll be going to Little Rock, Arkansas. When I travel, I like to explore the local scenic and natural sites like these from Colorado:Sunrise of the Rocky Mountains and Garden of the Gods in Colorado

The above picture was a sunrise shot of Garden of the gods (named by the Native Americans) near Colorado Springs, Colorado, showing the Rocky Mountains behind and sagebrush in the foreground. This is the oldest part of the Rockies.

Below is the pretty cool entrance sign.

garden of the god entrance sign Colorado Springs CO

Here is an example of morning

garden of the gods spires Colorado photographers

and afternoon light.

Spires in the afternoon in Garden of the Gods, Colorado

Its always interesting to see how time of day totally alters an image.

Deer were also abundant white tail deer wildlife photographers Oregon Colorado

They have this unique rock formation, called the Balancing Rock.

balancing rock garden of the gods Colorado photographs

Its always a nice idea to frame your scenic image with a person wearing bright colors. It shows perspective and scale.

biker garden of the gods, Colorado Springs photo

After I spoke to the professional photographers (we did a live photo shoot with a High School Senior both inside and outside)

High school seniors Colorado photographers

Leaving for the Denver airport later than evening, we stopped and got sunset photos of the Rocky Mountains and a country field and fence.

Sunset over a field and fence near Denver Colorado and the Rockies Mountains

It was a short, but highly interesting trip, meeting some wonderful people, having probably the best Mexican food ever and seeing sights that showed God's glory....

sunset over the Rocky Mountains with a fence


Speaking at Professional Photographers of Colorado