Professional Photographers of America publishes an article I wrote.

Professional Photographers of America publishes an article I wrote. Its always cool to help other people.  Whether you are letting someone know their car lights aren't on during dusk, letting a person cut in front of you in a queue or sharing ideas that will help someone professional or personally.

That is one reason why I write articles.  Sure, I speak to six professional photographer associations a year all over North America, but the reach is somewhat limited.  This magazine goes out to over 40 countries and thousands of photographers all over the world.

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It is my sixth article for them, talking about steps photographers can take to be better photographers or better business people. This one is about High School seniors and a calendar program that we do.

Professional Photographers of America speaker and education for new photographers 

I have known some incredible photographers who are no longer in business and some mediocre photographers who are still around.  I strive to excel at both photography and business (that is why I have a full time photoshop artist on staff along with 1-2 other helpful staff members-so I DON'T have to do it all.  When that happens, you no longer can be a master IMHO.) 

This industry that I love has become very difficult to make a decent living in. I've been blessed due to my reputation, skill, service and products (even though I still fail-its always a improving process), but others aren't so fortunate.   So I love to meet new photographers to give them tips on how to be a better beginning photographer or long established pros who are confused about this new crazy market that used to be their bread and butter and how they can adapt.

If you know of a professional photography affiliate organization who is looking for a speaker, have them contact me.  I'd love to help.  :-)

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Professional Photographers of America publishes an article I wrote.