Portland Maine Professional Photographers: Oregon speaker

One of only six states I hadn't been to was Maine. IMG_7917

So this past week I was fortunate to be commissioned to go to the cute little town of Brunswick, which is about 45 minutes north of Portland. Brunswick Maine (2)

Population of Brunswick is 20,000 and while accessible by long inlet to the ocean, (the photo above is a river that flows into the inlet), they have the quaint town square with the gazebo, all lit up reflecting on the snow.  I saw a dad playing ice hockey with his son on the city ice rink.

Brunswick Maine dad and son hockey players on ice

They put me up at this cute little Inn below.

brunsweick inn Maine

During my seminar to the Professional Photographers of Maine, I did a live photoshoot, first inside, then outside.  For the younger sister, I didn't want to make her go out on the snow (it was 15 degrees), so I used the Inn's porch.

little girls running portland maine professional photographers seminar

Across the street from the inn, was the church where Harriet Beecher Stowe got her vision for her book, Uncle Tom's Cabin.  Her home (below) was probably 4 blocks from the church.

harriet beecher stowe house brunswick ME, author of Uncle Tom's Cabin

She wrote the book while her husband was a professor at Bowdoin College, a prestigious liberal arts school with 2,000 students, a huge campus and tons of old gorgeous buildings.

Bowdoin college Brunswick Maine

Bowdoin college Brunswick Maine (1)                       Bowdoin college Museum of Art Brunswick Maine (4)                     Bowdoin college Brunswick Maine Mass Hall(11)

Admiral Peary's main backer was an alumnus of of Bowdoin and the Admiral lived just 5 miles from Brunswick.  The college has the Peary Arctic museum as a tribute to him.  After 23 years of effort and thinking he was the first person to reach the Arctic, it was later discovered, he was 50 miles short. Argh.

Here is the gorgeous building though.

Bowdoin college Brunswick Maine (3)                     Bowdoin college Brunswick Maine (9)                          Bowdoin college Brunswick Maine (8)

The other great thing about the college were old doors:

Bowdoin college Brunswick Maine (2)                                                              Bowdoin college Brunswick Maine (6)

Plus it had a chapel dating from the late 1700's

Bowdoin college chapel Banister hall Portland Maines                   Bowdoin college Brunswick Maine (12)                     Bowdoin college chapel Banister hall Portland Maine (1)

I loved the look from the quad to the Chapel (above left), the ice cycles hanging with the stained glass as a backdrop and the unique chapel itself, where the pews are like the House of Parliament and many other churches of that era.

The library, which was built before electricity had been invented, was 4 stories tall and had glass floors, this was to allow for light to permeate the structure so you could find your book without using candles.  The image below is looking up at the floor above it.

Bowdoin college Brunswick Maine library glass floor ceiling

Of course the Mainers suggested I have Lobstah (not lobster), so I had a Lobstah roll for lunch one day and a Lobstah mac and cheese at this great brew pub (supposedly Maine has more breweries per capita than any other state)-but Oregon can't be far behind.

Brunswick Maine (3)

So I got to see the other Portland.  The original Portland-population 65,000 or so.  What a gorgeous state it was. My last day I got up early to catch the sunrise and within two hours photographed four lighthouses, all just 10 miles from one another.

The beach not only had snow, but there was ice covering all the sand, making for a slippery foray to the water.

Cape Elizabeth light house maine                                         portland maine springpoint light house

This is the Portland Headlight.  Dedicated by George Washington in 1791, it is the one featured on the back of the Maine quarter. Portland Headlight 1791 Portland Maine (1)

Portland Headlight 1791 Portland Maine

Traveling always offers adventure.  New people, new food, new scenes and interesting lessons from the past.

Portland Maine Professional Photographers: Oregon speaker