Speaking at Professional Photographers of America in Arizona

To be a good teacher, you REALLY have to know your stuff. It doesn't matter whether you are a grade school teacher or a professor at Princeton New Jersey (see image below-I was there this past summer helping Professional Photographers of New Jersey). princeton new jersey scenic architectural photographers in Oregon Eugene

The same is true with conferences. Those in attendance often know when the speaker is blowing smoke or speaking with integrity AND if they truly know what they are talking about.

phoenix arizona

I'm used to giving 2-3 hour lectures-even once to a 1,000 people, but 7 full hours of pertinent material to 28 people who paid extra just for my class?  You can hide behind a lectern for a few hours, but when its this long and hands on?  Well, I felt the pressure.

I probably spent 20+ hours preparing my material for this intensive class, given at the huge Professional Photographers of America annual convention. This was the third time I attended and first time I spoke. The other times (in Orlando and Las Vegas), I went because I received my Master and Craftsman degree awards.

bruce berg is a master photographer most award winning photographer in eugene Oregon

Over 8,000 photographers were there and 50-60 instructors. I had people from all over the states-Alaska, Minnesota, Florida, Texas, Virginia-so it was great to be able to help share marketing and organization tips, along with some extensive posing and lighting demos.

high school senior indoor photo shoot 2014 pretty high school 16 year old teen girl pictures in arizona natural light posing and lighting class professional photographers teacher

When I do go to a new place, I also like to play tourist a bit...here are some fun images from Phoenix.

i phone photos of saguaro cactus in phoenix arizona downtown phoenix arizona at night 2014 professional photos oregon photographers st. mary's basilica phoenix arizona

My next speaking engagement is March 2nd, in New Brunswick Maine, a small town north of Portland. If you know of anyone who would appreciate a session on the coast by the Portland Headlight-have them contact me!!!

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family portraits by a light house in maine and Oregon