Rest in Peace: Empty Lot in Springfield Oregon was a photographers dream.

I've been very fortunate.  Living in the Washburne Historic District is a gem.

historic home during snow in springfield oregon washburne

I moved my studio from a garage near the U of O campus to this area because I loved this historic 1901 Jess Seavey (of Seavey Loop road fame) home. (See photo above taken during the recent snow storm.)

I also liked the relaxed and unique neighborhood.  It has so much to offer from funky urban settings to trees, flowers, picket fences and graffiti.

high school senior churchill high school eugene oregon

One of the great things was this vacant lot across the street.  Over 20 years ago I got permission from the owner to photograph there.

So- be it brides,

bride and military groom in field eugene photographers wedding

high school seniors,

high school senior in a field wheat oregon high school seniors girl in a field of pretty flowers oregon eugene


little boy with stick horse cowboy eugene oregon photographers laughing boy in a wheat field oregon photo


engagement couple photos couple in a field of flowers oregon photographers


dog photographers in eugene oregon pets and animals

or families....

beppe and gianni's pizza italian family from sicily Italy photographers Dr. Niles family in a wheat field from Eugene Oregon photos

I've been forunate to have that lot to photograph them there. Until now.

Over the weekend, a historic bungalow was moved from Franklin Blvd near Eugene and I-5

house movers on the street oregon chris shoap

to 1/2 of the lot:  (This shows the back and front porches currently on the other 1/2 of the lot).


This lot and the corner one next to it, once housed a large family home that burned to the ground in the last 1930's.  Now -in time it will make someone a great home.  And  a new neighbor for me.  But one less place to photograph.  pretty teenager girl in sweet pea flowers pink oregon photographers dream :-(