Miss November of the Children’s Miracle Network Lane County High School senior calendar of Eugene Oregon area Seniors.

This fun calendar runs from September to August (2013).  It helps raise money for CMN and features 13 local high school seniors.  It is a full color calendar and has all the traditional holidays along with birthstone, flower, name of the full moon for that month.

October was the Hunter moon.  A little test, without cheating by looking it up what is November’s called?  You love it if you are a certain football team fan.

Miss November is Morgan from Marist High School in Eugene Oregon.  She is active in a lot of sports, plus volunteering for student government and her church.  I usually do sports and interests for the calendar, but also like to show that its good to be glamourous from time to time.

If you know of a high school student (Freshman-Junior), who would like to apply for a future calendar shoot, just have them go to www.SeniorPhotographs.com and click on Model Search.

 If chosen during their Junior year to represent their school, they are paid $50.  And hey, they can put on their resume’,  “Professional Model”.

The calendars have fun quirky holidays and all the traditional holidays as well, plus coupons that make it well worth the $10 to purchase one.  Plus $8 of the $10 goes to Children’s Miracle Network as a fundraiser.

Here is an image of Miss October, Kristin of Elmira.


Here is Mr. September,  Brandon of North Eugene.

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