Thank you and your team for the wonderful photos of our wedding. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. We are transported back to our wedding day every time we look though our gorgeous book.
Eric & Elizabeth Stenke, San Mateo, California

Have something you will cherish forever.

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As your wedding photographer, we LOVE taking care of you and helping you in a variety of ways-not only with photography ideas, but schedules, vendors and tons of tips on how your wedding can flow to be awesome!

Because every wedding is unique, we offer a wide variety of services, styles and prices.   While I’m the primary shooter, I bring along a lighting assistant and we have a second photographer option as well.

We  specialize in creating custom wedding photo albums by my award-winning photoshop artist to go with a wide variety of beautiful images-all backed with a 100% fully thrilled satisfaction guarantee.


Let’s face it, there are SO MANY different prices you can get from photographers.  Most photographers give you the disc and are done.  Can you get that from me?  Sure, if that is what you really want.

The problem with just a disc is that really benefits the photographer, not you.  Honest.

Most of my costs doing a wedding isn’t photographing it, but the 20-30 hours that my full time photographic artist spends designing super cool custom made books where each individual image has been enhanced and/or retouched so they look absolutely awesome.    You don’t get that from a disc. You get raw images, usually color balanced but……whoopee.  Then the disc gets stuck in a drawer for umpteen years and what do you have to easily look at?

Isn’t it better to have a gorgeous, knock your socks off, leather book with killer images and a custom design?

But, hey, it’s your choice.  We do offer you 4 different pricing plans-it all depends on how much time you want and what you want to walk away with.

Most couples select our six hour Silver plan which includes $2,500 credit towards their book, an online gallery, all the images on a nice jump drive,  12 retouched social media files,  an engagement photo shoot, and a trailer video.  Plus a viewing in our theater room that will have you oooh and ahhh over your wedding.

We want you to not only experience the very best, but HAVE the very best.  We believe in stunning images, friendly service, and custom products for you to love for a lifetime.

To find out more…let’s talk!  Call me at 541-726-6119.  I want to help make your wedding dreams come true.

Thank you for three weddings well done. We have truly wonderful Oregon wedding photography from Portland, Corvallis and Eugene! Of all the Eugene Oregon wedding photographers, we’ve enjoyed the results, not only of your artistic talents, but your attitude and friendliness as well.
Mrs. Darlene Walker, (mother of the three brides), Springfield

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