Fine Art

Venice, Austria and Prague

Venice, Austria and Prague Venice, Austria and Prague: In 1984 Sherri and I were in Salzburg Austria staying with our Swiss friends and we all ventured down to Venice (my second time there). Left to right: The European Union Flag, Italian Flag, Venetian Flag. During my Air Force days, I was stationed in Southern Italy […]

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Royal Caribbean Cruise Photographs

Royal Caribbean Cruise Photographs  Recently, one of my friends offered me the chance to go on a cruise for under $200 (plus getting to and from San Juan Puerto Rico). I couldn’t pass it up.  Would you? It was my first cruise.  With Sherri (my late wife) having vertigo-she definitely couldn’t have gone on a […]

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Oregon October Photography Scenes

I’ve always loved October. Not just because its my birthday month mind you (18th) or two of my three brothers birthdays (9th and 26th), but because it is usually gorgeous thru my birthday and wild, windy and weird that last 1/3.  So with that said, I thought I would show you some October images I’ve […]

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