Bruce was my photographer. Aside from the groom, he was the best decision I made about the wedding! So many things went wrong throughout the weekend, we were late to everything, the venue changed, my flowers almost didn’t arrive, my curling iron broke, we had surprise guests show up, but he was the calm at the eye of the storm. Happily adapting and staying positive. It was so great to be able to count on him and he kept a smile on his face through the whole thing. Not only do I think the images turned out beyond my wildest dreams, he was a joy to have at the wedding and during the weekend!

So get your dream photographer. Splurge in this one place above all others. Destination weddings are such a great experience and you want to make sure you have excellent images to remember it by.

Shalaya Colletti, San Antonio, Texas

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Thank you for three weddings well done. We have truly wonderful Oregon wedding photography from Portland, Corvallis and Eugene! Of all the Eugene Oregon wedding photographers, we’ve enjoyed the results, not only of your artistic talents, but your attitude and friendliness as well.
Mrs. Darlene Walker, (mother of the three brides), Springfield

I’ve been so excited to get my pictures taken by Bruce since I was in the 8th grade (I saw Bruce’s photographs of a family friend I visited). Bruce does better work than anyone in Montana. He was very comfortable to be around and made the whole experience so much fun! The pictures are amazing and I’m very happy.

Katy Schulke, Capital High School, Helena, Montana

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